Other Ideas

Another idea is to write out a few weeks of articles at a time. When placing an article on WordPress you can choose when you would like to have the article released. You can do this for a whole week and place a few articles in throughout the week or get a whole month done at one time and be free for the rest of it. You will still provide some high quality content to your customers but you can get it all done at one time.
Step 9: Consider monetizing the website
Many bloggers like to use their website in order to make some money on the side. They are able to place ads on the website and then make money as their viewers find some value out of these ads. You can do the same thing, just make sure you are careful and aren’t posting things that have nothing to do with your customers and don’t post so many ads that it takes away from your content. But a few ads on the page will help to bring in a steady side income. The best advertisements are going to have something to do with your blog posts so keep that in mind when picking out a company to work with.
Step 10: Consider these tips and tricks
Some tips that you can try out to make WordPress easier include:
Use the sidebar—many beginners are scared to use this point. But it has a ton of links that can help with social media, helps to make your page look better, and so much more. Experiment with it to find the best mixture for your website.
Keep the library clean—you need to try and keep your media library as clean as possible on your WordPress site. This helps you to find it all just by keyword search rather than having the customers have to search all over the place.
Make the images work—instead of just adding an image to your site, add in some keywords to it as well. This helps you to get more customers to the site when they search certain keywords.
Use the spellcheck—it usually is a bad idea to post something without doing some kind of spellcheck. It is best to do your own, but if you are in a hurry, you can use their editor on the page to do this. Check this with the “ABC” tab that is on the top to save time and to ensure that you are presenting some professional content to your customers.
Keep the content fresh—never let the content get old on your website. You need to make sure it is updated as much as possible; if you are able to do it a few times a week, that is best, but at least aim for once a week at minimum.
WordPress can provide a lot of opportunities for your business. Whether you are running a professional business or just want to get started in the blogging environment, you are going to find a lot of things to love about this site. It is easy to use, can allow beginners to create a simple website, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time learning code and other website jargon to get it done. When you are ready to get started on WordPress, keep some of these steps in mind to let the process go smoothly so that your website can get up and running in no time.

WordPress 101 continued…

If you pick a WordPress theme, you will get the opportunity to get a lot of great themes for free from this website and it will allow you to change them whenever you would like. WordPress also allows you to get some more specific themes that are considered premium and you will need to pay for these. These kinds of themes are not too expensive, usually just a few dollars to get it set up, and you will get a few more choices.
In some cases, you may be more into a corporate theme or need something that is specific, it is possible to create your own theme to go with the website. You can create it on your own or hire someone who can make something that is just right. You will be able to upload this on WordPress and get the look that you are really looking for.
Step 5: Write the blog post
Once you have done all the work to set up your blog post or website, you need to get to writing. You aren’t going to get a lot of viewers if you have nothing on the website. Make the first post really count. This is going to help start bringing people in. Think about what makes it really valuable to your customers and include this into each of your posts.
Creating a post is really easy on WordPress. You just need to go to the tab that says “Posts” and then “Add New.” You can give the blog a nice title that will catch their attention and will bring customers in. Now start out writing. You may want to spend the first one talking about introductions, letting your readers know a little bit about yourself, your blog, and so much more. You can make this an important post so that all the new viewers who come up later on the website and want to know about you.
Now you will need to keep up with writing the blog posts. This will make sure that customers keep coming back to your website and you will get the views. If no one comes on, it becomes hard to monetize on the website later on.
Step 6: Add some pages
In most cases, you will want to have more than one page on your website. If you are selling items, you will have a page for the different categories, a page for the blog, one for your about you page, and then a home page. Even a blog is going to have a lot of pages as you keep writing more posts or want to share some more information.
It is pretty easy to add some pages to your WordPress blog. You can then categorize a bit more and make it easier for your viewers to find you. You will just need to go to the left size of the page and then click on “Pages” and then “Add New” and you are all set. Give your new page a name so that you can keep it all in check and you are set to keep going.
Step 7: Keywords
If you want people to find your blog, you need to make sure that there are some good keywords that are in place. This helps them to put a word or a phrase into the search engine and then they are able to find you in their search. You need to be careful about the keywords that you would like to use and make sure that you have the right density of words in place to be found.
WordPress is able to help you out with all this. You will be able to pick out some keywords that will go with the website. For example, if you are working with making school lunches for kids, you might use “healthy lunches” “lunches for kids” or something that is similar to that. You can then place those keywords into your articles and WordPress will help you to figure out if you are using it enough for optimization.
Step 8: Set up automatic posts
Keeping track of how many posts you are doing can be a challenge. You want to make sure to provide a lot of great information to your viewers and you want them to keep coming back. But sometimes life gets difficult and you aren’t able to keep going with a post when you get sick. It is not a good idea to let your posts fall out of order or you will find that customers are just going to give up and go somewhere else.
There are a few ways that you can make sure that the blog posts are still getting done, even when it’s busy. Some people choose to write ten or so articles ahead of time and then keep them on the side to use as reserves. These are fairly generic articles that will fit in during most times of the year and can be placed onto the blog in just a matter of minutes if you are short on time. Whenever you can’t sit down and write an article, you can put one of these in and be set to go.

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Business Blogs

Many businesses, blogs, and others who want to use the internet will choose to make their own website. This is a central hub that allows you to reach out to others interested in your information and even those who will purchase your product. But before you can get started, you need to make sure that you create a website that is catchy, uses the right SEO tools, and is easy for the customer to use. WordPress can make this happen.
When people think about making a new website, they are often worried that this process is going to be too hard. There are people who make websites for a living, so shouldn’t that make it really hard to create your own. Thanks to WordPress and their countless themes, you will be able to create a website in no time that will work no matter what kind of business you are running.
Step 1: Visit their website
The first thing you need to do to get started is to visit their website. You can click the “Get Started” tab that is over on the left and then your blog is started. You can use the WordPress domain or you can choose to use your own depending on what works for you; many beginners may start on just WordPress to get used to the idea and then move over to a regular domain name once they bring in some more customers.
Step 2: Go through the setup process
WordPress has made it easy to set up with them. They want you to be able to start your blog or website without a ton of work. So basically you just need to provide your name, email, address, and some basics of your blog. This is the point where you will need to create a unique URL for your blog. Be careful with this, you aren’t going to be allowed to create a new name later on. WordPress allows you to opportunity to try out a few names and see if they are still available. You can use the WordPress domain for free or you can see if a paid one is available.
Step 3: Start out the blog
Once you have activated the account through your email, it is time to get your blog all set up. This is going to take some of your creative and marketing talents and you will need to put those into good use. You will first need to give the new blog a title to make it easier to keep track of. You can change this by clicking on the “Settings” and then go over to “General” before you can give the blog a new title. Try to be a bit creative in order to come up with the best title that will go with your website and helps you to bring in the customers and the readers.
Step 4: Pick out a theme
You get the chance to use a theme with WordPress in order to help make your website a little more unique. You want to pick out something that is different and kind of goes with the whole idea of your website. For example, a business type theme is not going to work well if you are running a blog on daycares or kindergarten. You want to take some time to pick one that makes your potential customers or readers feel more comfortable coming into the website and that will help them keep coming back.

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WordPress System

The whole point of the entire WordPress system is to help people publish content easier and more efficiently. There are also some really great tools in the publishing part of the system that allow you to easily share your content to several different social media platforms that will get you more publicity and potentially get you more readers and more involvement in general. You can also use a nice widget that will allow to provide your visitors a more visible opportunity to subscribe to your site’s newsletters or get some more information on their Facebook accounts in a form of sub-feed that let’s your content go to the straight up top of their newsfeeds when they log on to Facebook as one of your favorite reader feeds, and this can be really accessible and make getting more attention to your page a lot easier, and more frequent.


It’s true that millions of websites are run through WordPress, and it simply just makes sense for people who have a lot of writers and a lot of content production to use a system like WordPress that makes it easier for the editors and publishers to organize and continue to regulate their work flow and content production through one simple interface where everyone is working together at the same time in the same place. WordPress is always updating the software to better and later versions of the system, and the latest system had been downloaded over 10 million different occurrences all across the globe, and that’s just in the first few months that it came out to the general public. Of course a lot of people who already had WordPress sites needed to upgrade to the latest version in order to keep their sites up to date and at the best shape that they possibly could, so it made sense that right as the new program came out millions upon millions of content providers had to click download to keep the party alive.
When it comes to WordPress content is King, and by that I mean that whatever you put into a WordPress entry is going to be completely at your disposal and you can really start to use your creativity at a free level that allows for a lot of interpretation and creativity beyond the amounts that a lot of other Content Management Systems can provide to people. When you use WordPress and you’re working with a lot of different writers it makes the whole process of editing and making revisions a lot easier because you don’t necessarily need to be making emails back and forth with each other when all of the content workflow is all in the same place ready for the editors and boss guys and ladies to check out what their employees have been working on, and that makes it a lot easier for them, the writers and even the audience who want to get updates on a more frequent basis.

Creating Content

One thing that you should really know about creating content with WordPress is that it is a lot more fun than just writing and creating an article with just words on a page, it’s not like that at all. WordPress offers you a lot of different options that make your stories professional quality including videos, music, external documents, pictures and all sorts of colorful additions that you see all the time on professional content publishing sites. But what’s so cool about WordPress is that putting all these things into your story is actually extremely easy and usually only takes a few clicks of the mouse and then maybe some copying and pasting and then you’re in and your article is starting to look really good all of a sudden.

One of my favorite aspects about WordPress is that depending on the type of content your publishing through your site it doesn’t always matter where you are when you’re working, and a lot of times you can be working from almost anywhere with a WiFi connection, and the same goes for the people you are working with as well. This creates a sense of collaboration that has never really ever happened in content management system history, or at least not to the simplistic extent that WordPress has taken this universal publishing identity towards in recent years.

One really important aspect of WordPress that every publisher needs to know about and utilize is the Previewing Posts icon. By being able to preview your work before it gets published you’ll be able to see exactly what your article will look like online before it actually gets published online for the whole world to see. You may think that you don’t need this application, but trust me that you’re going to make a lot of minor mistakes at first and this preview process is really important in getting everything exactly the way you want it before you finally finish the process and click the Publish button.

WordPress is something that has revolutionized the entire world for the better and has given so many more writers a legitimate chance to build their resumes on a professional, online platform that grows and grows depending on the company and content producers who run through WordPress. It’s safe to say that WordPress has given a lot of would be writers the chance to be actually published writers and has given millions of people the chance to pursue their dreams as content producers, and given that fact you can really easily say that WordPress has changed literature and journalism forever.

Some may say that it’s not necessarily such a good thing that all these millions of people can be published and heard because maybe they aren’t qualified enough, but that’s complete bull crap and everyone knows it. Now anyone can be published if they want to get published through the Internet, and that’s really important to understand and appreciate the importance of what that means to so many different writers all over the globe.

If you want to get involved just go ahead and get yourself involved with WordPress. It really is the simplest and possibly the smartest thing you’ll ever invest in, especially if you want to be heard as a writer or you have a good idea for a website. Sponsored by Los Angeles limo bus

Journalistic Entrepreneur

Yes, WordPress is the type of program that could potentially change your life forever, especially if you’re a writer who wants to get your words ‘published’ in a less traditional sense and just get yourself out there. That’s essentially what the product of WordPress provides to writers, a chance to be heard on a global scale through the access of the Internet. That’s what’s so beautiful about the Internet in general is that if you’re really good enough at what ever you do specifically then you can be found and become better known all over the place just because you have a popular trending site on the web. WordPress gives you that chance to prove yourself online and make the website that you’ve always dreamed of having, and it has the potential to grow tremendously to the point that you can be making a ton of money through employee writers and content creators working together with you through WordPress from all over the place and contributing content to your server and getting published themselves.


Yes, WordPress is an journalistic entrepreneur’s dream come true because you don’t have to necessarily worry so much about the programming and HTML side of things as much as you just worry about the creative and organizational side of content management with your business, and that simply is a result of the interface WordPress offers that can be used by pretty much anyone with simple computer skills. The fact that you don’t need to have any kind of intense programmer, although you probably still should, is a huge advantage on start-up capital that you can simply bypass by choosing WordPress and starting to get your work out on the web faster, easier and more simply.


Because you don’t necessarily need to have any type of coding experience necessary to start up a WordPress page the learning curve for WordPress is so quick, and usually if you do understand computers then you’ll have absolutely no issues or problems with starting up your page and getting started, because it really is that simple. Most of the time people don’t need any type of training to get going on WordPress, but of course there are some more advanced publishing tools and other skills that can make you better at WordPress that makes this article relevant for those who are just getting started and want to ensure that they’ll be ready for any minor mishaps that may happen along the road while starting up their WordPress account. Although these mishaps are seldom, they still happen, so it’s important to know some basic troubleshooting skills and be ready for anything that might come your way along the Content Management System process of content production, editing and publication.
3 wordpress


2 wordpress

How to build on wordpress

Millions of people all over the world have jumped on the WordPress bandwagon and made sites for themselves that they like and get lot out of, but of course there are a lot of people who don’t use WordPress and there are a lot of alternatives to WordPress in terms of creating and maintaining a website, but WordPress just so happens to be the easiest way to get a site online. It really comes down to the extremely easy interface that WordPress offers, it’s really the simplest way to publish your own blog or to create your very own website for any purpose that you want.


Of course there are also some other really good, easily to use CMS services like Squarespace that offer really similar services to WordPress, but WordPress is pretty cheap and cool and I guess it will have to suffice for the time being until something more advanced and popular shows up probably in the next few years.


So let’s say you’re new to WordPress, although that’s probably not the case if you’re reading this article, but let’s just say you don’t know much about the product and you’d like to learn just for your own personal purposes that really isn’t anyone’s business but you’d like to share something online that you like or whatever that instance is you want to know what WordPress is all about.


Well, there’s one major step that you should recall consider when you’re first getting started out with WordPress as a beginner, and that’s reading all the instructions and being prepared for the amount of time that it is going to take for you to successfully be able to make something online not look like a third grader did it, and trust me third graders are probably pretty good with WordPress these days so you better get up on your studying or you’ll look like a complete idiot really quickly if you don’t do the right amount of research before hand. But that’s part of why I’m here, to help you get through that research process a little bit faster so you look a little big less dumb than you probably already are and don’t necessarily need to be.


The next step towards getting ready to use WordPress for your first time is to actually make a plan for yourself and what you want to get out of WordPress, and although this may seem somewhat convoluted or abstract, it’s still really important because essentially what you’re going to be doing while using WordPress is putting an abstract idea online, so it’s good to write down your ideas and make webs and do all sorts of brainstorming so you can later resort back to it and answer some the questions you’ll definitely have once you’ve gotten started.
Remember that WordPress seriously powers probably close to a quarter of all the websites on the internet, which is a ton of different sites. A lot of publishing platform companies include online publications and even newspapers and magazines use WordPress to help organize all of their freelance writers so that everyone can be writing and publishing their work in the same place online. For the big boys WordPress can be really useful as an organizational tool, as well as something that publishes directly to the Internet and can be cheap to maintain.

My colleague tyler moore can explain more in depth how to build a website using wordpress:


About Word Press

About WordPress
Through the revolution that is the Internet, a lot has changed within our culture for writers. Writing has become a very different profession that isn’t necessarily as legitimate as being published in print like it once always was like. But now that the Internet has opened up the doors for anyone to become a published writer, there is a large demand for writers throughout a whole array of different platforms, especially online. With this large demand for online writers there has also been a huge surge of people from all over coming out of the woodworks and presenting themselves as applicable writers. Writing is after all something that every person who received a proper education knows how to do, and so if you know how to write than why can’t you be a writer? If you’re writing anything than you kind of are some form of writer whether you like the title or not.

But in terms of being an actual writer like so many pretentious people in the literature world would put it, things can be a little bit edgier. But the truth of the matter is that now with Content Management Systems all over the Web anyone who wants to publish their writing can do so on the Internet, and to me that’s a great freedom for writing that makes things open for people on a whole new level. Of course most people are like, what the heck am I supposed to do programming on the Internet? I have no idea what HTML even stands for yet alone how to use it!

But that’s what’s so cool about sites like WordPress. WordPress is a CMS software that makes it easy for people who don’t know how to program for shit be able to publish and manage an entire website, yet alone some blog they’ve put online trying to get attention from who knows where. It’s a remarkable tool that has helped countless writers and even entire publications get themselves off the ground for little cost and start publishing the art and creativity that they’ve always dreamed of publishing. It’s really crazy how something good can spread through the Web, but it does spread, mainly due to Facebook, but in a lot of other ways too. When someone creates a website on WordPress they are forever on the Internet and are able to publish whatever they want with complete freedom of censorship, to a certain extent.

It’s a really useful publishing platform that comes with a large array of features that help to make a publisher on the Internet literally anyone in the world, and with it’s really easy to use, nice-looking templates you won’t necessarily look like a beginner when you use WordPress.